Ocean Realty Galveston

Community Events

Women and Wine cruise

Austin Women & Wine

Discover why Carnival is "just more fun." Board a "Fun Ship" and zip down a spiral waterslide, let loose in up to 22 clubs and lounges, and dine on everything from lobster to pizza. Huge casinos, elegant supper clubs, extensive children's...

People Who Plant Better Seminar/Networker

People Who Plant Better

Hello Winners,  People Who Plant Better is part of the Plant Better Conferences and each week we hold a seminar and networking event that is designed to create millionaires. Come and be a part of a growing community. EVERYTHING IS RECORDED AND...

Date Cruise to Cozumel!

Married Older Couples Supper Club (Clear Lake Area)

4 Days Western Caribbean Cruise If any other couples care to join us, this seems like a great group trip since everyone is free to do their own thing at their own chosen times. If you want to go, don't delay because they might sell out! We chose...

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