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Community Events

Photowalk: (Do-Over) Sunrise Over Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier

HoustonPhotowalks Photography Club

About This Photowalk Last month, we all got some beautiful images of the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure pier under cloudy skies. We all hoped to get a few shots of the sun rising, but the weather just didn't play nice. So let's give it a 2nd...

Breakfast after Galveston Sunrise Shoot - IHOP

HoustonPhotowalks Photography Club

After getting some sunrise shots, come join us for breakfast at IHOP. We will start invading the IHOP on Seawall Blvd as folks start to peal off from the photowalk. Some folks will want to leave sooner than 8, or stay later. That's ok, come hang...

People Who Plant Better Seminar/Networker

People Who Plant Better

Hello Winners,  People Who Plant Better is part of the Plant Better Conferences and each week we hold a seminar and networking event that is designed to create millionaires. Come and be a part of a growing community. EVERYTHING IS RECORDED AND...

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