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Community Events

SUP! (Stand Up Paddleboarding)-Group Lesson

Galveston Island Social Group

Come on out for a group lesson! $45/person for 2 hours of FUN! We will be on flat water, no waves (or sharks, Shawna!) You’ll need to call ahead and pay for your spot, but wait until I give you the go-ahead. Check their website for details.

AIA Sandcastle Competition!!

Dining, Adventures and More

This year over 60 teams have their eyes and shovels set on winning the prestigious Gold Bucket Award. Firms begin months in advance generating ideas, developing designs, and assigning duties. On the day of the event the teams, stretched along the...

SandCastle Tournament Galveston!

Social Singles in their 20s and 30s!

Let’s go watch the annual SandCastle Tournament in Galveston! Bring bottled water, snacks and money for parking. https://galvestonbeachfrontvacationrental.com/sandcastle-competition/

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